The Teeny Tiny Woman (by Jill Bennett)


Teeny Tiny Woman

Teeny Tiny Cat

Teeny Tiny Dog


Ghosts (as many as you want)

A Choir of Pupils

Author: Once upon a time there was a Teeny Tiny Woman who lived in a teeny tiny house in a teeny tiny village. She had a teeny Tiny Cat.

Cat: Maw, Maw.

Author: She also had a Teeny Tiny Dog.

Dog: Rrrr…rrr…rrr…rr…

Author: One day this Teeny Tiny Woman decided…

Woman: Hi, friends, let`s go for a walk. I`ll put on my new hat and dress.

Cat: I agree with you, my teeny tiny master.

Dog: Rrrr… I`ll go with you too.

Author: So, they left their teeny tiny house.

Woman: What beautiful weather! I am so happy. And you?

Dog: I feel  great.

Cat: I am happy too. But if there is a mouse. I`ll be happier.

Author: When this Teeny Tiny Woman had gone a teeny tiny way, she came to a teeny tiny gate.

Woman: Let`s open the gate. I want to see what is there.

Cat: Let`s open,

Dog: I want to open it too because I smell something.

(They opened the teeny tiny gate and went into a teeny tiny churchyard. There was a cemetery. The ghosts are jumping near them but they don`t see ghosts anywhere.)

Woman (sees a bone): Look! Look! What I`ve found.

Cat and Dog (together): Hurray! We`ll have great soup today!

Author: So, she put the teeny tiny bone into her teeny tiny pocket.

(they went back to her teeny tiny house)

Woman: Oh, I am so tired. I want to go to bed. We`ll have the bone soup for breakfast. I`ll get into my teeny tiny bed.

Cat: I`ll get into my teeny tiny basket.

Dog: I`ll sleep under the bed on the carpet.

Author: Look! What terrible ghosts there are in the room. The woman is sleeping. The dog and the cat are sleeping too.

Ghost: Give me my bone!

Woman: Oh. What`s up? It`s only a dream. Sleep, sleep.

(They are sleeping)

Ghost: Give me my bone!

Woman: Maybe it`s the wind. It`s blowing and doesn`t let us sleep.

(They are sleeping)

Ghost: Give me my bone!

(They see ghosts. The ghosts are dancing and a group of pupils in masks are singing a well-known song This is Halloween, on page Songs)

Ghosts: Give us our bone!

Woman: Take it! And go away!

Author: The ghosts disappeared forever! Happy ending!

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