Choose the words and follow the link

salary or wage(s);    CV or application form;    to apply or to appoint; 

to fire or to make redundant;   post or vacancy;   experienced or trained; 

perk(s) or bonus;   full time or part time; 

tour, voyage, journey or trip;   job,  profession, occupation, career or work; 


salary or wage(s)

Salary — a fixed amount of money that you receive from your employer, usually every month
оклад, заробітна плата

The average salary for a teacher is $39,000 a year.

Wage — money you earn that is paid according to the number of hours, days, or weeks that you work
заробітна плата
The average daily wage was £100.

CV or application form

CV — (curriculum vitae) — a document that lists your education, qualifications and the jobs you have done, which you send to an employer that you want to work for
краткая біографія, резюме
He did not attend Ankara University as his CV suggests.

Application form – a printed list of questions that you answer in order to try to get a job, borrow money, get a place at university etc
заява, бланк заяви
We receive hundreds of job applications each year.

Apply or appoint

Apply — to ask officially for something, often by writing
Подати заяву
«I still haven’t received my passport» «When did you apply?»

Appoint — to officially choose someone for a job
He was appointed as a company director last year.

to fire or make redundant

To fire – to force someone to leave their job
I’ve just been fired from my job, and I don’t know what to do.

(made redundant — not working because your employer has told you there is not enough work
звільнений, скорочений
Businesses are closing and making people redundant.

post or vacaancy

Post — посада, місце
The Prime Minister appointed her to the post of ambassador.
Vacancy — a job that is available for someone to do
We have no vacancies for photographers at the moment.

experienced or trained

Experienced — having experience skill and knowledge because you have done something many times
досвідчений, знаючий
Karsten’s a very experienced ski instructor.
Trained — means you’ve been taught something. Having practical education on sth.
A team of trained volunteers will be available to help.

perk(s) or bonus

Perk(s) — an advantage, such as money or a car, that you are given because of your job; something that you get legally from your work in addition to your wages, such as goods, meals, or a car.
додаткова пільга, надбавка
A mobile phone is one of the perks of the job.
Bonus — an extra amount of money that you are given, especially because you have worked hard
All employees received a bonus of £500.

full-time or part-time

Full-time – working a complete working day
займає повний робочий день; повністю зайнятий
She works full-time for the council.
Part-time – working less than a complete normal working day.
не повністю зайнятий, що працює неповний робочий день
He works part-time as a waiter.

Exercise 1

Choose the correct item.

1. One of the perks/bonuses of this job is that you don`t have to work on Tuesdays.
2. My salary/wage is paid directly into my bank account every month.
3. When you appoint/apply for a job. you usually fill in a(n) CV/application form or send your CV/application form with a covering letter
4. There is a vacancy/post for a shop assistant on Saturdays.
5. When the factory closed 800 people were made redundant/fired.
6. The company has appointed/applied a new sales director.
7. Hes very trained/experienced in teaching beginners.
8. 5.5 million Americans are working part-time because they can’t find part-time/full-time work.

answer key

1. perks
2. salary
3. apply, application form, CV
4. vacancy
5. redundant
6. appointed
7. experienced
8. full-time

Exercise 2

1. What is your weekly salary/wage?
2. All our employees receive an annual perk/bonus.
3. Please send me details of the vacancy/post which you avertised in today`s paper.
4. We’ve appointed/applied four new teachers this year.
5. To become a member, fill in the CV/application form.
6. That was a new paragraph for her CV/application form.
7. He was redundant/fired for always being late.
8. He is very trained/experienced in curing such diseases.
9. Now all our trained/experienced staff know how to use the new computer system.
10. In spite of having two kids, she works part-time/full-time.

answer key

1. wage
2. bonus
3. post
4. appointed
5. application form
6. CV
7. fired
8. experienced
9. trained
10. full-time

Exercise 3

Choose the correct item

  1. We need to appoint/apply a new school secretary.
  2. You have to appoint/apply to the passport office for a visa.
  3. She appointed /applied to four universities and was accepted by all of them.
  4. Elvina earns an hourly wage/salary of $11.
  5. Wages/salaries were paid on Fridays.
  6. Wage/salary is usually used for professional jobs such as teachers, managers, doctors etc
  7. The clinic is run by specially trained/experienced medical staff.
  8. He is well trained/experienced to complete any mission that he is given.
  9. She’s highly trained/experienced in software development.
  10. Free theatre tickets are one of the bonuses/perks of this job.
  11. 11. Bonuses/perks offered by the firm include a car and free health insurance.
  12. Did you get a Christmas bonus/perk this year?
  13. I filled in the application form/CV and sent it off.
  14. He gave me his application form/CV in short order.
  15. Send a full application form/CV with your job application.
  16. He was responsible for hiring and firing/making redundant staff.
  17. Eight thousand people have been fired/made redundant in Britain this year.
  18. He was worried about being fired/made redundant at work.
  19. I applied for the post/vacancy and was asked to attend an interview.
  20. We will keep your CV on file in case other suitable posts/vacancies arise.
  21. He searched the newspapers regularly for job posts/vacancies.
  22. It is hard to combine study with a part-time/full-time job.
  23. She works part-time/full-time and still manages to run a home.
  24. She wants to work part-time/full-time after she’s had the baby.

answer key

2. apply
3. applied
4. wage
5. wages
6. salary
7. trained
8. trained
9. experienced
10. perks
11. perks
12. bonus
13. application form
15. CV
16. firing
17. made redundant
18. made redundant
19. post
20. vacancies
21. vacancies
22. fu[[-time
23. full-time
24. part-time

tour, voyage, journey or trip

Journey = act of travelling from one place to another, a journey can be long; or short but repeated; подорож, поїздка
The journey to work takes me 45 minutes.
He made the long journey to India.

Trip = is the process of travelling from one place to another, staying there, usually for a short time, and coming back again; a journey to visit a place; поїздка, подорож
Lucy is away on a business trip to Milan.
How about a trip to the seaside on Saturday?

Voyage /ˈvɔɪɪdʒ/= a long journey by sea or in space; вояж, подорож чи поїздка водою
It was a long way from London to New York by sea, but the voyage was quite relaxing.
homeward voyage
outward voyage
a voyage to Jupiter

Tour (of, around, round) = a journey for pleasure, during which you visit several different towns, areas etc, or make a trip round a historical building, so that you can look at it; турне, подорож
The band are currently on a two-month tour of Europe.
They went on a guided tour of a ruined Scottish castle.

Exercise 1

Fill in the correct word and check.

tour, voyage, journey, trip

  1. The ___ to America used to take many weeks.
  2. They went on a day ___ to the seaside.
  3. We had a long ___ ahead of us.
  4. We went on a 10-day ___ of Central Africa.
  5. Take a day ___ to York, which is just 15 miles away.
  6. We take games for the children when we go on long ___.
  7. Take a virtual ___ around Venice.
  8. There is a direct train from London Paddington to Penzance. The ___takes around 5 hours.


  1. Voyage
  2. Trip
  3. Journey
  4. Tour
  5. Trip
  6. Journeys
  7. Tour
  8. Journey

Exercise 2

Fill in the correct word and check.

tour, voyage, journey, trip

  1. The Titanic sank on its maiden ___ (= first journey).
  2. My ___ to work normally takes around 30 minutes.
  3. The whole family went on a ___ to Florida.
  4. The president plans a European ___ next month.
  5. It was week five of my ___ of the major cities of Europe.
  6. How was your ___ to Turkey?
  7. In the car on their homeward ___, they discussed the wedding.
  8. There is a guided ___round St Paul’s Cathedral.


  1. Voyage
  2. Journey
  3. Trip
  4. Tour
  5. Tour
  6. Trip
  7. Journey
  8. Tour

Exercise 3

Fill in the correct word and check.

tour, voyage, journey, trip

  1. Every weekend there are free guided ___ around the castle.
  2. It was a difficult ___, especially in the winter months.
  3. Last summer we went on a ___ of Africa.
  4. The ship made the 4,000-kilometre ___ across the Atlantic.
  5. We are going on a ___ to a strange country.
  6. We took a bus ___ to Manchester.
  7. We’re thinking of taking a ___ to the mountains.
  8. The ___from England to India used to take six months.


  1. Tours
  2. Journey
  3. Tour
  4. Voyage
  5. Journey
  6. Trip
  7. Trip
  8. Voyage


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