1. Carry was sitting by the window when he entered the room.
  2. He was waiting for her the whole evening.
  3. It was raining heavily outside and the wind was blowing. Janice was watching TV when the doorbell rang.
  4. My friend was making a report while his sister was doing the washing-up.
  5. She closed the suitcase, put on her coat and went out.
  6. She worked as a cleaner at a local hospital many years ago.
  7. The children had fallen asleep by ten o`clock.
  8. They took a Maths exam on Wednesday.
  9. We hadn`t received the telegram when he arrived.
  10. We were discussing the novel at that time.

1. past continuous (4)

II. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple, past continuous or past perfect tense.

  1. All my friends (to be) glad to hear that I (to pass) all the exams well.
  2. He (to play) football when he was a student.
  3. It was Sunday. Mary (to read) the book, Victor (to vacuum) the floor. Suddenly somebody knocked at the door.
  4. Jack (to walk) along the street when he (to meet) his friend.
  5. Jessica (not to have) dinner until she (to feed) her child.
  6. We (to wash) the dishes, (to sit) down at the table and (to have) dinner.
  7. When I (to come) home, my sister (to tell) me that she (to receive) a letter from her pen friend.
  8. When I (to open) the door, the guests (to listen) to music which I (record) yesterday.
  9. While she (to wash) the dishes, her husband (to dry) them.
  10. Jack (to check) all the information by 9 o’clock the day before yesterday.
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