Part II
Questions 7-13
For each question, choose the correct answer.

Amy Flora Louisa
7. Whose class learnt about a garden
competition from a TV programme?
8. Whose class grew some vegetables?ABC
9. Whose class won a trip in the school garden competition?ABC
10. Whose class painted flowers on their
garden wall?
11. Whose class learnt about the insects
in their garden?
12. Whose class got help from someone
in a pupil’s family?
13. Whose class chose flowers that
were the same colour?

Part III
Questions 14 -18
For each question, choose the correct answer.

14. How did Anna feel about moving to a new school?
A worried about being with lots of older children
B happy about the idea of doing something different
C pleased because she was bored at her primary school

15. Who has become Anna’s best friend at her new school?
A someone from her primary school
B someone she knew from her home area
C someone she met in her new class

16. What does Anna say about the time table at her new school?
A it includes subjects she didn’t do at primary school
B she has shorter lessons that she had at her old school
C it is quite difficult to understand

17. Why couldn’t Anna find her classrooms?
A she couldn’t read a map
B there was little time between lessons
C the school building was very large

18. What does Anna say about the homework she has now?
A she gets more help from some teachers than others
B she thinks it is the hardest part of school life
C she remembers everything she’s told to do

Part IV
Questions 19-24
For each question, choose the correct answer.

19A changeB varietyC difference
20A knowingB hopingC explaining
21A businessB workC career
22A seeB lookC watch
23A callingB answeringC speaking
24A enteredB stayedC gone

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