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Парочка безработных авантюристов Билл и Сэм, на свою беду похищают сына богача – Джонни, в надежде получить большой выкуп. Но Джонни настоящий чертенок. Он провозглашает себя «вождем краснокожих» и устраивает своим захватчикам такую жизнь, что они только и мечтают вернуть его родителям.

Ransom of Red Chief
(After O. Henry)
Sam – a man
Bill – his friend
Johnny – a boy of ten, the only son of a rich man
Characters from Bill’s sleep (as many students as you like)
Sam (talks to the public): We have stolen a boy. He is the only son of a rich man. We have sent a letter to his father and asked for two-thousand-dollar ransom. When we get the money, the boy will go back to his father.
(There is a fire in the middle of the stage. Near the fire Sam sees Bill standing with his hands raised. Johnny is standing in front of him with a big stone in his hand. You can see that Bill is afraid of the boy.)
Johnny (shouting): Hay, you! Raise your hands higher! Answer my questions!
Johnny sees Sam: Hurrah! Here you are! Come to the fire. Red Chief is happy to see you!
Bill: You are in time, Sam. We are playing Indians.
Sam: Let`s have supper. I have brought some nice things.
Bill: I am so tired. I am happy you are back. (He is going to sit down at the fire)
Johnny (to Bill): Hay, you, stand up! How dare you sit when Red Chief is standing.
Sam: Well, Red chief, let him sit down.
Johnny: All right. You may sit down there!
Bill: Thank you, Red Chief (Bill falls asleep and sees a beautiful dream.
(In the dream he suddenly sees Johnny dancing with the pretty girls. Johnny grabs Bill’s hair. Bill wakes up and sees Johnny in reality.)
Johnny (to Bill): Hay, you, stand up! How dare you sit when Red Chief is standing!
Sam (to Johnny): Hay, you, go away!
(Sam goes over to Bill, sits next to him and they begin to talk quietly. Johnny takes a hot potato from the fire, comes up to the two men from behind and throws the potato into Bill`s shirt)
Bill (cries out): Oh! Ah!
Sam (jumping up): What`s that? What`s that?
Bill (pointing to his back): He has put something hot there! Take it out! Take it out! Oh! Oh!
Sam (taking the potato out from Bill`s shirt and turning to Johnny): Why did you do it, Johnny?
Johnny: I am not Johnny. I am Read Chief. How dare you speak to me in such a tone!
Bill: Sam, let`s send the boy back home. I don`t want any ransom. I can`t play with him any longer.
Sam: bill, don`t show the boy that you are afraid of him. (To Johnny): Listen to me, boy. Leave him alone or I will take you home.
Johnny: Oh, don`t send me back home! I don`t want to go home! I`ll be good. We are only playing.
Bill (with tears in his voice): Sam, let`s send him back. His father will not pay money for such a boy.
Johnny: Bill, don`t be angry with me. I`ll be good. Let’s play another game.
Bill: What must I do in this game?
Johnny: You`ll be my horse.
Bill (to Sam): I`ll take him to the road and leave him there.
Sam: All right.
Johnny (to Bill): Stand on your knees and hands.
Bill: All right. All right.
(He gets down on his knees and hands. Johnny sits on his back and they ride away. Soon Bill appears, he looks happy)
Sam (sees Johnny coming behind Bill): Bill, look back.
(Bill turns back. He sees Johnny)
Bill: Ah! Ah! Help! Help! Let`s carry him to his father!
Sam: Let`s carry him home!
(They hold the boy by the hands and feet. The boy shouts.)
Johnny: I don`t want to go home! I don`t want to go home!
(They carry the shouting boy away)

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