Level A2

Read the text and answer the questions.
Rick was taking pictures when he heard a loud bang. “What’s that noise?” he asked Frank. “Something’s wrong with the engine!” Frank yelled, as the plane began to lose altitude.

A few minutes later, Frank managed to land the plane safely in the desert. They checked the radio, but it wasn’t working. Rick decided to go for help. Frank tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen. “You stay here and try to fix the radio,” Rick said. He took a water bottle and started walking.

The sun was burning his skin as he went on, hour after hour, through the hot desert. His head ached and his lips were dry and cracked. There was no water left in a bottle. He was thinking of turning back when he saw some people Rick Anderson, a magazine photographer, had no idea what would happen to him when he set off the Sahara Desert in a small plane last month. The view was beautiful, but the sun was boiling hot as Frank, the pilot, flew slowly over the desert.

on camels in the distance. One of them was waving to him. Rick couldn’t believe his eyes. He tried to wave back, but he felt exhausted onto the sand.

When Rick open his eyes he was inside a tent.
Frank was there, too. “Some Bedouin men on camels found me at the plane, “Frank said softly. “Then we followed your footprints in the sand. Everything’s fine now.” Rick smiled gratefully and said, “Thanks to the Bedouins. Oh- maybe we can take some photos of them for the magazine!”

Answer the questions.
1 What were the names of the men who flew over the desert?
2 What did Rock Anderson do for living?
3 What did Frank do for living?
4 Where did Rock and Frank set off one day?
5 What was the weather like that day?
6 What happened to the plane? Why?
7 Where did Frank land the plane?
8 Why did Rick go for help?
9 Who had to fix the radio?
10 What did Rick have when he went for help?
11 How did Rick feel when he went through the desert?
12 Why were his lips dry and cracked?
13 Whom did Rick see in the distance?
14 What animals did they ride?
15 Why couldn`t Rick wave back to the men on camels?
16 Where did Rick find himself when he opened his eyes?
17 How was Rick saved?
18 What kind of photographer was Rick? Why do you know?

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