При написании писем очень важны слова-связки (linking words). За них ставятся дополнительные 2 (два!!!) балла из 14. Цитирую: Критерий В1 — логика изложения и связность текста (наличие соединительных элементов в тексте). В этой рубрике и будем говорить о соединительных элементах.

Besides кроме того, более того (как слово-связка, используется, чтобы назвать еще одну, другую, более важную причину. Мы обычно ставим запятую до и после besides на письме:

I don’t think going for a walk is a good idea. It’s quite cold, and, besides, it’s getting late and we don’t want to be out in the dark.

I don’t want to go shopping. Besides, I haven’t got any money.

It’s too late to invite any more people. Besides, you know how Tim hates parties.

А вот самые простые предложения для отработки besides:

1. I don`t like Foreign Literature because our lessons are boring, besides I don`t like reading

2. I love my sister because she is funny, besides, she loves me.

3. I like our French lessons because they are interesting, besides, our teacher is the best.

4. I don`t want to go shopping because it`s far away, besides, it`s getting dark.

5. I will not eat the sandwich. It`s too early, besides, I am not hungry.

6. I don`t want to play outdoors. It`s cold, besides, it`s raining now.

7. Yesterday I fell off the bike and hit my leg. Besides, I had a terrible headache. So I didn`t go to the football training.

8. I love big dogs but I can`t keep them because I live in a small flat, besides, I am allergic to fur.

9. There were several trips during my summer holidays, besides, I had new acquaintances. So my summer was exciting.

10. People like to go to Bukovel in winter, besides, this place is fantastic in summer. So Bukovel is a very popular resort.

11. I spent my summer in the English camp. Besides, I communicated with native speakers. So I improved my knowledge of English.

12. I don`t want to go to the park because I`m tired, besides, I have to do my homework.

13. On my summer trip I swam in the sea a lot, besides, we had a swimming pool in our hotel. So we swam all the time.

14. Every day I type messages to my friends read e-books and search the Internet, besides, I play different computer games. So I use my computer a lot.

15. My mother cooked vegetable and meat dishes, besides, she baked a cake. So we had a delicious supper.

!6. I can ride a mountain bike well, besides, I love nature. So I can combine the pleasure with physical exercises.

17. We went on the bus excursion, besides, we had many fun activities outdoors. So it was a fascinating time.

18. I love English. I watch films in the original, besides, I do a lot of grammar exercises online. So I improve my knowledge of English.

19. I did all the homework, besides, I tidied up my room. So I could play computer games.

20. I planted all the flowers, besides, I helped my grandmother with a garden. So I could relax on a swing.

21. No, I can`t go to the cinema because it`s too late. Besides, I need to do my homework.

22. I like dogs because they are intelligent, besides, they are kind.

Honestly (honestly speaking) — честно говоря. После этого слова ставится запятая. Предложения для отработки:

Honestly, I wish I had time to do more reading.

Honestly, it makes no difference to me where we have the wedding.

Honestly, they didn’t hear that from me.

Honestly, I can’t believe I live here.

Honestly, I’m not really sure.

Honestly, I’m not happy.

Honestly, I’m trying to think positively and convince myself that the advantages of the exchange programme will be enormous.

Honestly, I’m just exhausted, I want all of this to end.

Honestly, I think I’ve given up with this site.

Honestly, I feel safer here.

Honestly, I didn’t believe a word she said.

Honestly, I don’t know whether I can or not.

Honestly, I can’t tell you whether he likes you or not.

Honestly, it really doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing.

Undoubtedly — несомненно; используется, чтобы подчеркнуть, что что-то является правдой

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