Read the text and answer the questions.


The right to education in Ukraine is guaranteed by the Constitution (Article 53). Every boy and girl must get secondary education; it means that secondary education is compulsory in our country. There are state schools where education is free of charge and private primary and secondary schools where pupils have to pay for their studies.
Every school has a core curriculum and a school curriculum.
The core curriculum includes Ukrainian, Ukrainian Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, World Literature, a Foreign Language and others.

Pre-school education:
In Ukraine nowadays most parents take their children to nursery schools or kindergartens at the age of 3.The children usually spend all day long there. At the age of 4-5 they learn to count, read and write the letters. They also have the lessons of Drawing and Handicrafts. Sometimes they learn English too. Pre-school education is not compulsory and is fee-paying.

Secondary Education in Ukraine
The general secondary education in Ukraine begins at the age of 6 and has 3 stages: primary (elementary) school (the 1st-4th grades) basic secondary school (the 5th-9th grades) and high secondary school (the 10th – 11th grades)

All the subjects in the secondary schools are obligatory. Pupils study — Foreign Literature, English, German, Algebra, Geometry, Health and Body Care, History of Ukraine, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Art, Physical Education, Physics, Music, Handicrafts, Computer Science and others

There are some types of schools such as – gymnasiums, lyceums and colleges. These are the schools where capable students develop their skills.

At the age of 15 some pupils leave school to study at college or train for a job.The Independent Testing System in core school subjects is very important. The results of the tests not only summarize the level of knowledge a student has after finishing a secondary school but give the student a chance to continue his/her education in colleges and universities.

Answer the questions:

  1. Is the right to education guaranteed by the Constitution in Ukraine?
  2. What article of the constitution guarantees the right to education?
  3. What does the phrase “Every boy and girl must get secondary education” mean?
  4. What does pre-school education in Ukraine consist of?
  5. Is pre-school education compulsory in Ukraine?
  6. Why do parents send their children to nursery schools and kindergartens?
  7. What do children learn to do in kindergartens and nursery schools?
  8. How much time do children spend in kindergartens and nursery schools?
  9. Is secondary education compulsory in Ukraine?
  10. What is the difference between state and private schools in Ukraine?
  11. What subjects does the core curriculum include?
  12. What does a school curriculum include?
  13. What does the general secondary education consist of?
  14. What subjects are obligatory in the secondary schools?
  15. What types of schools for capable students do you know?
  16. When can students leave school in Ukraine?
  17. Why is the Independent Testing System important?

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