Teacher: Radchenko Inna Leonidivna

Chernihiv Magnet School #1

Form: 3-A

Topic: A Very Special Day

(Unit 4, Welcome 2, Elizabeth Gray, Virginia Evans)


1) to develop listening and reading skills
2) to revise the vocabulary (adjectives, numbers) and grammar structures (the Present Continuous, this is/these are)
3) to teach pupils to use the vocabulary in sentences (I’d like… for my birthday because it’s…)


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to describe the presents and their ideal birthday party.

1. The beginning of the lesson. Greetings

Hands go up
And hands go down
I can turn myself around
I can sit – I’ll show you how
English time is starting now.

Good morning, my friends!
Let’s all say – it’s going to be
A beautiful day!

2. The presentation of the topic

What day is it today?
What day was it yesterday?
What day will it be tomorrow?

How are you today? (My tummy is talking to me)
Let’s make something delicious. Answer my questions
How is the weather today?
Is the wind biting?
Can you see snow on the ground?
What month is it?

(as pupils answer the questions, the teacher sticks the part of the puzzle to the board, in the end it appears to be a cake)

3. Phonetic exercise

Look at this cake! Mmm… Delicious!
This cake is not only for us. It’s also for Masid.
Today is his birthday! Do you know how old he is? – He is 24.
He is going to have a birthday party.
We need lots of food for the party.
But what does Masid like to eat? Do you know? Let’s guess.
Perhaps he likes… (pupils try to guess but they don’t)
Do you give up? He likes popcorn!

Reading the words on popcorn

4. Warming up


5. Revision of the vocabulary

So we need popcorn. What else do we need for the party?
We need… (balloons, candles, a cake, presents, fireworks…)

6. Listening

One boy will have his birthday tomorrow. What does his family need for the party? Listen and circle (track)

They need…

  •    chocolate
  •    sweets
  •    a cake
  •    candles
  •    face paints
  •    a clown
  1. Speaking
    Masid has got a big family! All of his relatives are at his party.

How old is his aunt?…
This year she is… Next year she will be…
Who is younger? Who is older?
Who is younger, Masid’s aunt or Masid’s grandma? — Masid’s aunt is younger, etc

8. Listening

Of course Masid has got lots of friends.
What are they doing at the party? Do you know?
Watch a video and match the names of kids to the things they are doing.

is singing.
are laughing.
is dancing.
is drinking.
is eating.
is jumping.

9. Speaking

I can’t imagine a birthday party without a present!
Look at the presents:

What would you like for your birthday?

Would you like…?  — Yes, please. I’d like …… because it’s…

  • interesting
  • nice
  • funny
  • brilliant
  • great
  • amazing
  • useful
  1. Pair work
    What would Masid like for his birthday? Order the words and make up a sentence
    I’d like a new lamp for my birthday because it’s cool.

11. Reading and writing
I’ve got a letter from Masid.
He writes about his ideal birthday party.
Let’s read this letter. But there are some missing gaps.

12. 12. Speaking
What is your ideal birthday party? (pupils describe their ideal birthday party using the tips)

13. The end of the lesson, summing up
I hope all your wishes about the birthday party will come true!
The lesson comes to its end
So goodbye, my dear friends!

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